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Labour leadership: blaming 2019 defeat just on Brexit 'not honest', says Starmer at Guardian hustings – live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including the EU agreeing its negotiating mandate for the post-Brexit trade talks with the UK, and the Guardian’s Labour leadership hustings in Manchester

At this stage in the Labour leadership contest there was little original for any of the candidates to say; they have all answered so many repeat questions, it’s a wonder they can still deliver their lines with relative spontaneity. But this format was different - more time for answers, a mix of personal questions and policy questions, and the chance to engage with each other - and anyone who was here, or who reads what they said, will certainly get a deeper understanding of the candidates, although not a particularly novel one.

If anyone has made the best impression during the campaign on audiences, it has been Lisa Nandy, and you could see why tonight. She may have been the most eloquent debater on stage, and the person with most passion and urgency. If the polls and CLP nominations are correct, despite being the candidate favoured by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Rebecca Long-Bailey is not heading for victory. But she has still grown in stature during this contest, and comes over as a more confident and rounded figure than she did during the general election, when she sounded like little more than a leadership spokesman.

Anushka finishes by asking if anyone in the audience has made up their mind on the basis of what they heard tonight. A few hands go up, but it is not clear whether these are people who have changed their mind, or just been confirmed in what they thought beforehand.

And that’s it.

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