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Why I quit working on Boris Johnson's ‘world-beating' test-and-tracing system | Anonymous

We’re not highly trained – we’ve been sitting around doing nothing. This programme is not fit to bring Britain out of lockdownBoris Johnson tells Britain that our test-and-tracing system will be “world-beating”. Here’s what I’ve witnessed from the inside.In March, I was furloughed by my employer. The financial impact was huge, and I decided to look for some temporary work to help with the bills. I saw an online ad for a temporary “customer service adviser”, which said: “You must have your own computer and high-speed internet to download our software and communicate with our customers … Don’t let lockdown stop you getting your dream job.”I have some experience in customer service, so I applied, and was then telephoned by someone who asked me some basic questions about customer service. He said my answers were great, and proceeded to tell me the role was working on the government’s new track-and-trace programme. They would like to offer me a role, and I could start training the following Sunday. Continue reading...

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Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson easing lockdown — cartoon

Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Continue reading...

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Constituents bombard MPs with tens of thousands of emails over Dominic Cummings

Guardian analysis reveals level of hurt and anger over aide’s lockdown tripsConstituents v Cummings: ‘Just three emails supported him’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe furore over Dominic Cummings’ breach of lockdown rules has prompted tens of thousands of people to flood their MPs’ inboxes in what some described as the biggest outpouring since Brexit, a Guardian analysis has found.As Boris Johnson tried to draw a line under the crisis involving his chief adviser, constituents across the country sent missives to their MPs, with many sharing stories of their own lockdown hardships. Continue reading...

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Move on from lies and arrogance? No, let’s reflect | Letters

Garth Groombridge says this government is all about elitism, selfishness and power, Dr Jim Ford thinks Boris Johnson should stand aside again while he fully recovers, Natalie Cohen says the press should be free to ask uncomfortable questions, while Francis Blake wonders what Mary Wakefield was thinking How quickly the Tory-supporting newspapers reverted to type, and quietly let Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings off the hook. Johnson says it’s time to move on. That’s been his mantra all his life. Trash a restaurant as a student – move on. Make a career of lying journalism – move on (but with plenty of money in the bank). Cheat on your wives – deny it, move on. Get your girlfriends pregnant – deny it, move on. Worst foreign secretary for a century – laugh, tell a joke in Latin, move on. Campaign for Brexit, which will destroy our economy, unity and position in the world – tell lots of lies, move on.Two factors throughout Johnson’s life – lies and arrogance. Both have been on full display this last week. Meantime, Matt Hancock – responding by laughing during an interview on Sky – showed that arrogance in this government of incompetents is not just confined to Johnson, Cummings and Gove. Don’t ever think the Tories are here for your benefit. Like their Republican party cousins in the US – whom they now resemble – this Tory government is all about elitism, selfishness and power.Garth GroombridgeSouthampton Continue reading...

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From evasion to evisceration: how the Cummings lockdown story unfolded

As thousands died, the story of the PM’s top adviser waxed and waned in unpredictable ways. Its impact is as yet unknownCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe first inkling of the story that shook Downing Street to its core came at the beginning of April.It was the first Sunday of the month, a couple of hours before the Queen’s stirring promise to the nation that, however hard it was to endure separation from our loved ones, “we will meet again”. Boris Johnson was seriously ill, and that evening it would be announced that the prime minister had been admitted to hospital. Continue reading...

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The numbers are in, and Johnson's government really is world-beating | Marina Hyde

It’s not just Cummings. From laughing Hancock to cheery Sunak, they all want to style out this whole 60,000 dead thingCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageI read this week that Boris Johnson has been given permission by the Queen to exercise in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. That’s nice. Can she give him permission to act like a prime minister for more than an hour a week? He could start small, then gradually build up his prime-ministering distance, so that by the time of the next election he’s doing a whole day a week. Maybe there’s an app for it. Couch To PM.In the meantime, we’ve all seen some shameless moves by Johnson over the past few days, but let’s open a sub-category for Thursday night’s Downing Street briefing. If you missed this How Not To video, it featured the prime minister inserting himself between some perfectly reasonable questions and the scientists Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty, the government’s chief scientific adviser and England’s chief medical officer respectively, with Johnson acting for all the world like he’d take a bullet for them. Do me a favour. He wouldn’t even take a NutriBullet for them. He wouldn’t even read a bullet point written BY them. Continue reading...

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June Brexit summit on cards as talks head for deadlock

PM and commission president likely to meet with progress unlikely in talks next weekBrexit talks are heading towards deadlock as senior advisers in Brussels and London concede a breakthrough in the final round of talks next week is unlikely.It means a high-level political summit between Boris Johnson and the European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, in the middle of June is now almost certain as talks among officials on a trade deal and the future relationship hit the buffers. Continue reading...

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For test and trace to work, the public needs to trust this government. But how can we? | Polly Toynbee

Boris Johnson has consistently sneered at health and safety, so when he wants to end the lockdown early we should be worried Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe unlocking begins, as some schools open on Monday, as do outdoor markets and car showrooms, and households can meet in private gardens. Good news. But after his catastrophic delay in entering lockdown, how is anyone to know if Boris Johnson’s opening up will be any better?He might be following “the science”, or he might be following fellow libertarians, such as the Spectator editor’s demand that “It’s time to restore liberty”, or the Sun’s “Ale meet again” pressure for pubs to open. The chief scientist pointed out yesterday that there are still 8,000 new cases a day; the infection rate, or R number, is still near one. Continue reading...

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Digested week: from the trials of Dom to hopeful news of the Proms

In a week dominated by Cummings not going, there were some vaguely positive developments in sport and the artsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage When I first heard that Dominic Cummings was giving a press conference about his midnight flit to Durham, I had to check with my better-informed colleagues on the politics desk that this wasn’t a wind-up. After all, it’s specifically against the special advisers’ code of conduct for them to make public statements. Let alone one in the formal setting of the Downing Street rose garden that had previously been used as the setting for David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s 2010 bromance party celebration. But the Cummings show was every bit as box office gold, from his refusal to apologise for anything – Classic Dom could pick a fight in an empty room. There was his admission that he went back to work after his wife fell ill, his belief that having to look after his own child constituted exceptional circumstances, his inability to explain how he and his wife led people to believe they had stayed in London in their Spectator articles, his complaint that the cottage on his father’s farm had been rather basic for his liking. But the trip to Barnard Castle for his wife’s Easter Sunday birthday treat was obviously the highlight. Imagine our finest political brains having had six weeks to come up with a cover story and not being able to do better than an eyesight test. I tweeted that back in the 1970s, I used to take the car for a test drive to see if I was too stoned for a longer journey. The tweet was read by an old friend who pointed out that at least my excuse had the virtue of being true. And that I hadn’t conducted my driving experiments with a four-year-old child in the car. Rather there had been a 21-year-old child behind the wheel. Continue reading...

29 мая, 09:00

For years, the Tories have banked on impunity. Is their luck finally running out? | Andy Beckett

The party has clung to power by flouting political norms, but in the Cummings affair it faces an angry and contemptuous publicWill the Tories get away with it? In many ways, it’s been the central question in our politics since they squeaked back into government in 2010. Ever since they used the power vacuum after that year’s hung-parliament election to quickly cobble together a coalition with the Lib Dems, the Tories have been careering from one narrow scrape to the next. Related: Tory anger at Dominic Cummings grows as 61 MPs defy Boris Johnson Continue reading...

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Boris Johnson brushes off Tory revolt over Dominic Cummings

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PM also refuses to allow top scientific advisers to talk about chief aide at daily No 10 briefingCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson has brushed aside a growing revolt of almost 100 of his own MPs and defied ongoing calls for Dominic Cummings to be sacked, despite a police investigation that failed to exonerate him for a potential breach of lockdown.The prime minister was again besieged by questions about his chief adviser as the crisis overshadowed his decision to cautiously ease the lockdown in England, which will require millions of citizens to abide by the letter and spirit of new guidelines. Continue reading...

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Durham police believe Cummings probably did break lockdown rules

Sources say force stopped short of definitive statement because cases not tested in courts Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDurham police believe Dominic Cummings probably did break lockdown rules following an investigation into his travels around north-east England during lockdown, the Guardian understands.On Thursday the force released a report saying the prime minister’s special adviser “might have” breached health protection regulations when he embarked on a 52-mile round trip to the town of Barnard Castle with his wife and son on her birthday. Continue reading...

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Boris Johnson sacrifices top scientists on altar of Classic Dom | John Crace

PM turns Great Dictator as he silences Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance at daily briefingYesterday I wrote that the best way to understand the state the country is in was to consider it a banana republic. I’d meant it as a joke, but at the Downing Street press conference , Boris Johnson went out of his way to prove me right. The UK’s very own dictator might not have much of a reputation left to protect, but Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance most certainly did.Yet to save what now passes for his career, Boris went out of his way to trash the reputations of both the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser. Just as unbelievably, a plainly terrified Whitty and Vallance just stood there and took it. If either had a smidgeon of self worth, both would have walked out once the questions began. Continue reading...

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Johnson blocks top scientists from talking about Cummings

PM gags Vallance and Whitty when they are asked if Cummings breached lockdown Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageBoris Johnson has blocked his two most senior scientific advisers from answering questions on whether his senior aide, Dominic Cummings, broke the lockdown.At No 10’s daily press conference, the prime minister twice prevented questions from journalists who wanted to know whether Prof Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser, believed Cummings had stuck to the rules. Continue reading...

28 мая, 20:35

How coronavirus restrictions will differ around the UK

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are taking different paths out of lockdownCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageGroups of up to six people can meet outside from Monday in public and private outdoor spaces, including gardens. Physical distancing including staying 2 metres apart must be observed if those meetings involve members of different households. Continue reading...

28 мая, 20:21

The Guardian view on easing the lockdown: putting politics before people | Editorial

Boris Johnson wants to lift the Covid-19 restrictions because of ideology and self-interest. The people deserve a more careful, evidence-based approach The United Kingdom went into the Covid-19 crisis as one nation. It seems likely to exit from the pandemic as several. At the outset, the UK’s different governments took similar approaches. Lockdown rules were observed by citizens in all parts of the country, with some infamous individual exceptions like Dominic Cummings. As the onslaught starts to slacken, however, differential approaches are likely to become more important. These differences have now been embodied in the radically contrasted announcements made in London and in Edinburgh this week about the next stage.In England, the government has always been keener to lift the lockdown early. The case for this has never been easy to accept. The virus has not been a lighter scourge in England. The driving force has been a volatile mix of ideology and window dressing. Boris Johnson and his ministers have announced arbitrary goals – often under short-term pressure – and have then battled, generally unsuccessfully and at human cost, to meet them. The approach has never been comprehensive, well explained or effective. Among the most shocking examples have been shortages of personal protective equipment, testing failures for nursing homes and the refusal to test at ports and airports. Continue reading...

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Groups of up to six people allowed to meet in England from Monday

Boris Johnson announces further easing of coronavirus lockdown measures including reopening of dentists Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageUp to six friends or relatives will be able to gather in parks and gardens from Monday, two metres apart, Boris Johnson has said in a cautious easing of lockdown restrictions in England.Dentists will also be able to reopen from 8 June, provided they take safety precautions including using protective equipment, and it was confirmed that schools can go ahead with plans to reopen next week. Continue reading...

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Test and trace undermined by Cummings | Letters

Maggi Carr, Trevor Toms, Ruth Windle, Anita Charlton and Sarah Houghton on the government’s new scheme for keeping a lid on Covid-19, and on the prime ministerial adviser’s lockdown breachesThe launch of the test-and-trace system was supposed to be on 1 June, but it was brought forward to 27 May, even though it wasn’t ready (Hancock: it is public’s ‘civic duty’ to follow test-and-trace instructions in England, 27 May). Could this have had anything to do with the government wanting to deflect attention from the Dominic Cummings scandal? Furthermore, the prime minister keeps saying that what people want is to “move on”, which is contradicted by the polls. The only way to move on is to admit that the rules were badly bent if not actually broken by Cummings, by their very architect, apologise, and dispense with his services.Maggi CarrCambridge• Can anyone in government explain why, following the inability of ministers to deal with Dominic Cummings, I should install their new tracing app? Since members of the government have largely thrown their support behind someone who broke the lockdown rules, I can see no reason why I should now adhere to their requirements with this new app. I already had concerns over the privacy element of the app, but this latest refusal to acknowledge the anger felt by so many people and deal with the matter leaves me no choice but not to participate.Trevor TomsAylesbury, Buckinghamshire Continue reading...

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The Tories are losing the shires – this is a gift for Keir Starmer | Gaby Hinsliff

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Voters got what they wanted in Boris Johnson: a rule-breaking rogue. But that was before coronavirus, and CummingsWhat Britain wants is a “strong leader prepared to break the rules”. Or at least that’s what it wanted a year ago, when a Hansard Society survey showed that 54% of voters were actively looking for a prime minister willing to play dirty if necessary.In retrospect, these findings predicted much about the rise of Boris Johnson last summer. His supporters were never so much blind to his flaws – who didn’t know the score by then? – as curiously attracted to them, or at least willing to see their usefulness in the circumstances. Continue reading...

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UK coronavirus live: groups of six people can meet outside in England from Monday; No 10 backs Cummings after police statement

Durham police say there will be no further action against No 10 adviser over breach of lockdown rules; UK death toll rises by 377 to 37,837Full story: Cummings potentially broke lockdown rules, say policeJacob Rees-Mogg accused of bungling Commons return NHS will keep data of people with coronavirus for 20 yearsGlobal coronavirus updates - liveSee all our coronavirus coverage 5.17pm BST People must continue to minimise contact with others, by staying two metres apart from members of different households, Johnson says.Mixing with several different households in quick succession should be avoided, he says. 5.15pm BST From Monday, up to six people will be able to meet outside, providing members of different households continue to stay two metres apart.This will be allowed in gardens and other private outdoor spaces, he says. Continue reading...

01 июля 2016, 17:20

Человек недели: Борис Джонсон

Человеком этой недели, по мнению журнала EUROMAG, стал эксцентричный бывший мэр Лондона Борис Джонсон. На этот раз он удивил всех своим внезапным отказом выдвигаться на пост лидера Консервативной партии и, соответственно, премьер-министра Великобритании. Хотя именно Джонсон был главным претендентом на пост главы государства после победы евроскептиков и последовавшей за ней отставки Кэмерона.

27 июня 2016, 00:49

Brexit и новая сложность

Большинство экспертов прохлопали и Brexit, и восхождение Дональда Трампа только лишь потому, что полагались на старые представления о том, что «неизбежно», а «чего не может быть никогда». Эта беда поправима. Куда хуже будет, если у нас по той же причине не зададутся отношения с США и «Европой наций» после того, как этот богатый на политические события год закончится