09 июля, 13:19

Boris Johnson's pledge to recruit 50,000 more NHS nurses is in doubt

Number of nurses coming from EU fell again and coronavirus prevented further arrivals Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson’s pledge to recruit 50,000 more NHS nurses is in doubt after the number coming from the EU fell again and coronavirus prevented thousands of arrivals from the rest of the world.The prime minister made the promise a cornerstone of his general election campaign last year and has since reiterated many times his determination to deliver the increase. Continue reading...

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08 июля, 21:26

Liz Truss warns Boris Johnson over Brexit border plans

International trade secretary tells PM and chancellor plans risk smuggling and damage to UK reputationAn extraordinary cabinet row has erupted over Brexit with Liz Truss warning that Boris Johnson’s border plans risk smuggling, damage to the UK’s international reputation and could face a legal challenge from the World Trade Organization.The international trade secretary wrote to the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and Michael Gove on Wednesday warning of four “key areas of concern” over their plans for the border next January. Continue reading...

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08 июля, 16:44

UK nominates Liam Fox to lead World Trade Organization

Government describes former international trade secretary as ‘ideal candidate’ for top job Liam Fox, Britain’s former international trade secretary, will be nominated by the UK to be the next head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the government’s Department for International Trade has confirmed.Fox was a cabinet minister in Theresa May’s government between July 2016 and July 2019, and has been a Conservative MP since 1992. Continue reading...

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08 июля, 12:10

Brexit: Running Down the Clock?

Brexit is not going much of anywhere, and it still isn't clear if this is by accident or design.

08 июля, 11:30

Джонсон выдвинул Меркель условие – Лондон готовится к жесткому Brexit

Великобритания способна обойтись без торгового соглашения с Евросоюзом, если в Брюсселе не пойдут на компромисс. Об этом глава британского правительства Борис Джонсон сообщил федеральному канцлеру Германии Ангеле Меркель после того, как участники переговоров по Brexit обсудили соглашение в неформальной обстановке. Как ранее сообщал News Front, сейчас переговорный процесс замер, так как стороны не могут урегулировать […]

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08 июля, 01:16

Лондон готов торговать с ЕС по правилам ВТО при провале переговоров

По словам британского премьер-министра Бориса Джонсона, "Соединенное Королевство по-прежнему всеми силами стремится достичь соглашения по итогам активизировавшегося переговорного процесса"

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07 июля, 16:48

UK Brexit negotiator meets EU counterpart in bid to revive talks

David Frost and Michel Barnier will dine on halibut at Downing Street private dinnerThe government’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, is to host his EU counterpart Michel Barnier for a private dinner in Downing Street on Tuesday evening in a bid to revive flagging talks on a trade and security deal.Less than six months before the status quo transition period is due to end, both sides have expressed concern about the lack of progress in the negotiations. Continue reading...

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07 июля, 16:30

UK remain campaign strategist to head Hong Kong PR push

Consulum’s Ryan Coetzee worked for Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats up to 2015 electionHong Kong has turned to the former director of strategy of the UK remain campaign in the Brexit referendum to revive its reputation, amid further scrutiny of the role played by London-based political operatives that advise overseas governments.The Hong Kong government awarded a £5m public relations contract to the Mayfair-headquartered Consulum as part of its Relaunch Hong Kong campaign, shortly before Beijing introduced a new security law designed to crush pro-democracy protests in the territory. Continue reading...

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05 июля, 12:30

Priti Patel's balancing act as home secretary

She broke the rules in her first cabinet job and has faced accusations of bullying, but her hardline instincts have brought her to the high wire of government. Could she be the next Tory leader?Priti Patel did not betray so much as a flicker of anger. Her voice was calm, her shoulders steady, and she bit her lip only very briefly before responding to black MP Florence Eshalomi’s emotional call for her to acknowledge and act on the fears raised by Black Lives Matter protesters taking to the streets.She was “saddened”, she told the House of Commons, to be accused of failing to understand: “It must have been a very different home secretary who as a child was frequently called a Paki in the playground; a very different home secretary who was racially abused in the streets, or even advised to drop her surname and use her husband’s in order to advance her career.” She needed no lessons on racism from Labour, she said. Continue reading...

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04 июля, 20:00

Boris Johnson gets Britain building again – cartoon

Chris Riddell on the prime minister’s plan to tear up planning regulations•You can buy your own print of this cartoon Continue reading...

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04 июля, 10:00

Making EU students pay higher fees is a blow for social mobility

A post-Brexit rise in fees for European students is an academic injusticeOn 24 June, universities minister Michelle Donelan announced that, as a consequence of Brexit, EU and EEA students would be classified as overseas students starting from the 2021/22 academic year. They will be charged full tuition (up to £20,000 in some cases), lose access to the tuition fee loan, and no longer be eligible for many needs-based funds. It signalled the end of a brief period of time when it seemed UK universities could serve international social and academic mobility.“EU … students, staff and researchers make an important contribution to our universities,” Donelan’s statement read. “I want that contribution to continue and am confident – given the world-leading quality of our higher education sector – that it will.” As anyone coming from an average family from Poland, Romania or Hungary could tell, this statement ignores the material reality of the situations most of us studying in the UK come from. Continue reading...

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03 июля, 19:11

Amid the havoc wreaked by coronavirus, there is another danger we've forgotten | Jonathan Freedland

As Boris Johnson reopens pubs, a no-deal Brexit threatens to rain disaster on a country reeling from the pandemicDo you have the bunting out and the fireworks primed for Independence Day, with 4 July designated as the moment England ends its long national hibernation and flocks to the pub? To the untrained eye, the choice of a Saturday for the great unlocking might seem a tad rash, when, I don’t know, Monday was available to ease people in gradually. That point was put to Boris Johnson on LBC this morning, but he couldn’t offer even an approximation of an answer. Which leaves us to conclude that his government of geniuses picked Saturday solely because of the pleasing headlines that the Fourth of July suggested – rather forgetting that this is the day when Americans celebrate their escape from the rule of a dysfunctional London elite headed by a man with more children than you could count and prone to gibbering in public. Related: I love pubs so much I recreated mine in VR – but I'm staying home on 4 July | Tristan Cross Continue reading...

03 июля, 16:51

UK buys £400m stake in bankrupt satellite rival to EU Galileo system

Investment with India made in US firm OneWeb after Brexit locks UK out of Europe’s satellite navigation systemThe UK government has pledged to invest $500m (£400m) in bankrupt satellite company OneWeb, giving it a stake in a business that provides broadband from space.The government, which has proven so far unwilling to take stakes in major British companies hit by the coronavirus pandemic, will receive a “significant equity share” in the loss-making company as it seeks to make “high-risk, high-payoff” investments of the kind advocated by 10 Downing Street adviser Dominic Cummings. Continue reading...

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02 июля, 19:39

ЕС не намерен добиваться соглашения с Великобританией "любой ценой"

Глава Еврокомиссии Урсула фон дер Ляйен при этом указала на необходимость сохранения целостности внутреннего рынка Евросоюза

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02 июля, 17:17

ЕС и Великобритания прервали очередной раунд переговоров по Brexit из-за разногласий

Как ранее сообщали обе стороны, наиболее сложными остаются разногласия относительно вылова рыбы

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02 июля, 17:01

EU-UK trade talks break up early over 'serious' disagreements

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier complained of lack of respect and engagement by UKThe latest negotiations in Brussels on an EU-UK trade and security deal have broken up early, with the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, complaining of a lack of respect and engagement by the British government.The two sides ended the week’s talks – the first held in person since February – a day ahead of the jointly agreed schedule amid evident frustration at the lack of progress in bridging what both Barnier and his UK counterpart, David Frost, described as “serious” disagreements. Continue reading...

02 июля, 09:00

First details emerge of system for checks on goods crossing Irish Sea

HMRC document shows firms in Great Britain will be obliged to complete three types of electronic paperworkThe first details of the controversial Brexit checks Boris Johnson insisted would not apply to trade across the Irish Sea have emerged, with mandatory paperwork for businesses in Great Britain supplying goods to Northern Ireland from January.An HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) document marked “sensitive”, seen by the Guardian, reveals that firms in Great Britain will be obliged to complete three rounds of customs, security and transit forms on all goods. Continue reading...

01 июля, 05:00

Why hasn't Boris Johnson released the Russia report? – podcast

Parliament’s intelligence and security committee produced a report into alleged Russian interference in UK politics. It was supposed to be published before December’s election, but the UK prime minister withheld its release. Now, six months later it still hasn’t seen the light of day. The Guardian’s Luke Harding investigates what could be in it and says witness testimony from an ex-MI6 officer makes uncomfortable reading for the governmentA report by parliament’s intelligence and security committee into alleged Russian interference in UK politics was supposed to be published at the end of last year. But as Boris Johnson decided to call a snap election, he withheld the report promising to publish it ‘in due course’. Now, six months later, the committee has been in hiatus and the report is still gathering dust. But the Guardian’s Luke Harding (author of a new book Shadow State) has been piecing together evidence seen by MPs in the preparation of the report. He tells Rachel Humphreys that witness testimony from the former MI6 officer Christopher Steele makes uncomfortable reading for the government. Continue reading...

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01 июля, 02:01

'Office for talent' to be set up for scientists who want to work in UK

Unit based in No 10 will help researchers navigate post-Brexit immigration systemDowning Street is to set up a cross-departmental unit called the “office for talent” as a way to help leading scientists, researchers and others live and work in the UK in the post-Brexit immigration system.The plan, which the Liberal Democrats said was simply trying to make up the damage caused by Brexit, is intended to “ensure excellent customer service across the immigration system”, a government announcement said. Continue reading...

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30 июня, 18:49

Boris Johnson's 'revolutionary new deal' is a hollow distraction | Rafael Behr

The prime minister issued promises like counterfeit money, with himself pasted over the portraits of greater menGovernments between elections are like ships on open water. They cannot be relaunched. The captain can only promise that storms will pass, while the passengers’ patience depends on how long they have been at sea. That is tricky to measure on board HMS Boris Johnson. The Tory leader has not yet completed a year in Downing Street but his party has done a decade in power.Johnson does not see himself on a continuous line of succession after Theresa May and David Cameron, and last year’s election result supported that view. The blurring of party lines and straining of public patience during the Brexit endgame last autumn opened a unique electoral window for an incumbent to campaign as an insurgent. Then the pandemic swept in, making 2019 feel like a distant epoch. Continue reading...