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27 июля, 12:30

Victoria Replaces 30% of Lost Cameroon Sales

The company has also managed to cover over 50% of the revenues it would have earned under a terminated contract with power generator Eneo.

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09 июля, 08:00

'It's like he's not there': survivors of Boko Haram on living with trauma – in pictures

More than 60,000 Nigerians live in Minawao refugee camp in Cameroon after fleeing from Boko Haram. Many have PTSD and other mental health conditions because of what they endured. Here are some of their stories Continue reading...

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08 июля, 12:45

Victoria Ends Gas Supply Contract in Cameroon

It expects to find similar revenues from higher-paying customers but is continuing to pursue the debtor.

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05 июня, 21:20

Community Biology Lab’s Response to COVID-19 in Africa: The Case of the Mboalab in Cameroon https://openair.africa/community-biology-labs-response-to-covid-19-in-africa-the-case-of-the-mboalab-in-cameroon/?fbclid=IwAR314PlN-XIfU657Wm2LK5qs1pWclDvbM1AzQcCDnybxfvG7e4jKlcx8cuM

Open Air reports:Cameroon is not untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently affecting the world. The Government has taken a number of actions for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the virus. On the other hand, the state does not have sufficient means to engage in mass testing of the population. Furthermore, the socio-economic realities of the country make it impossible to respect the proposed lockdown measures. In impoverished areas, space is already under strain (crowded / semi-urban zones) and thus social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 have been difficult to implement. In order to successfully combat this pandemic, research must be accelerated in a collaborative and coordinated manner, by sharing knowledge and data in resource-constrained areas. At Mboalab, it is our view that all new health tools for life-threatening diseases, including COVID-19, must be developed as global / local public goods available to all those in need. That is why we have targeted two challenging aspects of the pandemic: prevention and diagnosis...[more]

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20 мая, 21:04

В Камеруне от COVID-19 умер пастор, «лечивший» от вируса своими руками. Местные ждут его воскрешения

В Камеруне скончался пастор и кандидат в президенты Франклин Ндифор. Мужчина заявлял о целительных свойствах собственных рук при лечении COVID-19. По стечению обстоятельств […]

14 мая, 12:59

'It's a real battle': African authors fight for publishing independence

Francophone African books are still very often published by French imprints, which can make them hard to get at home. But there is a growing push for changeWhen Cameroonian author Daniel Alain Nsegbe first saw his debut novel for sale in his home city of Douala, the price was so high “you would have to ask someone to stop eating for two days in order to buy the book”. It was around 16,000 CFA francs (£20); the average monthly salary in Douala is £150. The book, Ceux qui sortent dans la nuit (Those Who Go Out at Night) was published by Grasset, a French imprint.This is not uncommon: Francophone African authors, whether classic or contemporary, are often published by French, not African presses. This arrangement began in colonial times, but continues because of a number of factors that are particular to France. Publishers frequently push for world rights for all books written in French. Many African writers operate without agents, who would usually divide up rights territories on their behalf. Agents are still a new feature on the African literary landscape, meaning that many classics, such as 1953’s L’enfant noir (The African Child) by Guinean author Camara Laye, and Algerian writer Kateb Yacine’s 1956 novel Nedjma, are owned by publishers in France (Plon and Éditions du Seuil respectively). As French publishers continue to control distribution and pricing, classic authors go missing from bookshelves while contemporary authors struggle to get their books in the hands of local readers. And in north and sub-Saharan Africa, there’s also a lack of publishing infrastructure, so local pressesmust battle with issues such as distribution, piracy, cost and staffing – all of which can mean some authors simply prefer to be published in France. Continue reading...

05 мая, 15:21

Coronavirus border closures strand tens of thousands of people across Africa

Migrants trapped in dangerous conditions at frontiers, ports and transit campsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageTens of thousands of migrants are trapped in dangerous conditions at frontiers, mines, ports and in transit camps across Africa after states shut their borders in an attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19.Some have been abandoned by smugglers unable to take them further on their journeys to Europe or elsewhere. Others were returning home or moving across the continent in search of work when frontiers were closed in March. Continue reading...

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29 апреля, 05:14

Программа Служителя Двух Святынь по разговению постящихся в Камеруне запущена

Программа Служителя Двух Святынь по разговению постящихся в Камеруне запущена Яунде 5 рамадан 1441 года по хиджре (28 апреля 2020 года)Министерство исламских дел, призыва и руководства в Республике Камерун сегодня запустило программу Служителя Двух Святынь по разговению постящихся. На церемонии присутствовал временный поверенный в делах посольства КСА Мухаммад ибн Таваля. Запуск программы осуществляется в рамках … Читать далее Программа Служителя Двух Святынь по разговению постящихся в Камеруне запущена →

18 апреля, 12:00

10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the Problem.

Basic supplies like oxygen and soap are needed first to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

15 апреля, 09:00

‘Will we die of hunger?’: how Covid-19 lockdowns imperil street children

For millions of young people, coronavirus restrictions have made access to food, water and shelter even more precariousTimothy, a teenager on the streets of Mombasa, wonders how he will eat. “Rich people can stay home … because they have a store well stocked with food,” he says. “For a survivor on the street your store is your stomach.”However, says another, if the rumours are true and street children are arrested in the city during the Covid-19 crisis, he’d be happy to go to Shimo women’s prison, because there “you are sure to get free food, shelter and medical services”. Continue reading...

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06 апреля, 15:49

Теракт в Камеруне: семь человек погибли

В Камеруне произошел теракт, за который ответственна группировка «Бока Харам»*. Об этом сообщило издание AFP Africa. Взрыв, организованный террористами-смертниками, прогремел на границе с Нигерией. В его результате погибли семь человек. Двое боевиков активировали взрывное устройство примерно в 20:00 по местному времени при нападении на деревню Амхиде. Об этом сообщили в полиции. Местный чиновник утверждает, что […] Сообщение Теракт в Камеруне: семь человек погибли появились сначала на News Front.

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29 марта, 15:26

TEF Alumni & Founder of Gifted Mom ( @theGiftedMom ) Reaches More Mothers Across Africa with Android

From TEF:Empowering African Entrepreneurs: TEFAlumni, Alain Nteff & Dr. Conrad Tankon Founded The Giftedmom; a technology service designed to re-invent access to maternal health & financing in Africa.

24 марта, 13:23

Manu Dibango, Cameroon jazz-funk star, dies aged 86 of coronavirus

Musician who influenced Michael Jackson dies in Paris hospital from Covid-19 infectionCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageManu Dibango, the Cameroonian musician celebrated for his blend of jazz, funk and traditional west African styles, has died aged 86 in a Paris hospital after contracting Covid-19.A message on his Facebook page announced the news with “deep sadness”, and added: “His funeral service will be held in strict privacy, and a tribute to his memory will be organised when possible.” Continue reading...

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08 марта, 12:00

Using your tool kit to push ahead | Rebecca Enonchong Founder of @AppsTech

From TEDxEuston:Rebecca Enonchong is a Cameroonian-born technology entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of AppsTech. She is best known for her work promoting technology in Africa. In this talk, she takes the audience through her journey and the experiences that prepared her and shares her tips on how to successfully break through the African tech landscape as a woman...[more]

06 марта, 13:29

Coronavirus cases pass 100,000 globally as Iran threatens force to restrict travel

WHO calls on countries to make containing spread their highest priority, as Trump signs emergency spending billFollow the latest on Covid-19Share your experiencesThe total number of coronavirus cases confirmed around the world passed 100,000 on Friday as Iran reported a sharp rise in cases and threatened to use force to stop people travelling between cities.Tehran’s announcement came as the World Health Organization called on countries to make “containment their highest priority” and Donald Trump signed a $8.3bn emergency spending bill to deal with the virus, despite insisting that it “will go away”. Continue reading...

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06 марта, 09:14

Meet Pascaline Nande founder of Blesolac a baby food made from local ingredients

Pascaline Nande is a young Cameroonian entrepreneur. When she noticed the local baby food market was dominated by imported brands, she decided to provide the first commercial home-made option. Branded Blesolac, the infant cereal is made from locally sourced cereals and grains like soya beans -- and is free of preservatives.

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04 марта, 21:12

Developing a locally-manufacturable typhoid diagnostic in Cameroon - @openbioeconomy

From Openbioeconomy:An early Christmas present for Open Bioeconomy Lab has come in the form of funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund to develop a proof-of-principle DNA-based typhoid diagnostic using cutting-edge molecular techniques with partners in Cameroon. We are aiming to develop a locally manufacturable diagnostic tool that is capable of distinguishing typhoid fever from paratyphoidand has areagent cost of < $1 per reaction. For this we are partnering with colleagues at Buea University and MboaLab Biotech in a two-way exchange based on our respective strengths. PI Dr Jenny Molloy and Co-I Dr Jim Ajioka, both based at the University of Cambridge, have expertise in protein purification, molecular diagnostics, cell-free protein expression; while Co-I’s Dr Tobias Apinjoh and Mr Mboa have expertise in infectious disease epidemiology and immunology, drug-resistance surveillance, molecular biology, knowledge of local stakeholders and healthcare system. In addition we are growing the teams with two full time researchers based in Cambridge and Yaounde and we welcome back Minette Shalo as a Masters student on the project, following her three month internship with MboaLab in 2019...[more]

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04 марта, 12:15

Cameroon&#039;s Etinde Partners Award Feed Contract

The partners aim to take a final investment decision this year.

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28 февраля, 20:59

At a Bar ‘Made by Africans,’ Migrants Put Down Roots in Mexico

With no easy path to the United States, migrants from around the world are settling in Mexico, creating diasporic communities with tastes of home.

20 февраля, 13:30

Equatorial Guinea: “invest or move aside” [LNG Condensed]

The government of Equatorial Guinea is pushing ahead with plans to develop a gas hub supplied from reserves across the Gulf of Guinea, mainly for LNG production. However, it has struggled to get investors to commit and has become frustrated by the slow pace of development. Further south, Angola too is looking at rejuvenating its gas sector and stimulating new investment. [LNG Condensed Volume 2, Issue 1 - January 2020] - Subscribe to NGW Premium or NGW LNG Condensed (complimentary) to read this article.