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15 июля, 10:55

Озвучена свежая статистика по коронавирусу на 15 июля

Число заболевших COVID-19 в России превысило отметку в 746 тысяч

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15 июля, 10:10

Caption Health Raises $53M To ‘Democratize’ Heart Scans With AI

Links between coronavirus and heart damage are accelerating the need for faster heart ultrasound results.

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15 июля, 02:08

Study: Newborn Infected With Covid-19 In Womb Experienced Neurological Complications

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report in late June that found pregnant women may be an increased risk of suffering from severe symptoms of Covid-19.

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15 июля, 01:57

CDC’s Redfield: U.S. Could Control Coronavirus Pandemic In Months If Everyone Wore Masks

‘Masking is not a political issue, it’s a public health issue. It really is a personal responsibility for all of us.’

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15 июля, 01:00

Natural Gas Daily: July 14th, 2020

Daily digest of the latest natural gas news and LNG news by Natural Gas World.

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14 июля, 23:14

White House Drops Plan To Deport International Students Attending Online-Only Classes

It comes after over 200 U.S. universities sued ICE and DHS to change the policy.

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14 июля, 22:48

In Break With Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham Praises Dr. Anthony Fauci

"I have all the respect in the world for Dr. Fauci."

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14 июля, 22:05

Beyoncé And NAACP Partner To Help Fund Black-Owned Businesses

Beyoncé and her BeyGOOD foundation are collaborating with the NAACP to provide $10,000 grants to struggling Black-owned businesses in select cities around the country.

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14 июля, 21:33

Ivanka Trump, White House Blasted For ‘Tone Deaf’ Campaign Telling The Unemployed To Find Jobs

“If you would only look (& daddy employed you your whole life) you too could #FindSomethingNew.”

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14 июля, 21:15

What we know about COVID-19

Fact #1  Today, most experts believe that widespread mask wearing and widespread testing are the best ways to control Covid-19. Fact #2: February and March were the months when the epidemic in America got out of control, when public policy was most decisive. Fact #3: During February and March, public health officials actively discouraged testing. Fact #4: During February and March, public health officials actively discouraged mask wearing. Alaska was down to only 38 cases in mid-May, before exploding upward: New Zealand was down to 65 cases, and kept falling: Consider the following two stories from yesterday’s news.  Think about the media sources where these individuals may have gotten their ideas:   For a while, the US was doing better than Europe.  Now we have more total deaths despite a far smaller population, a younger population, less dense cities, less public transit, being initially hit less hard, and far more spending on health care.  And the gap is getting bigger—a month from now we’ll be doing much worse than Europe. HT:  Matt Yglesias (3 COMMENTS)

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14 июля, 21:00

Total Coronavirus Deaths In Latin America, Caribbean Pass U.S., Canada Death Toll

Deaths from coronavirus are ramping up across Latin America and the Caribbean.

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14 июля, 19:43

Правила заселения в российские санатории изменились

Отдыхающим больше не понадобится справка об отрицательном тесте на COVID-19

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14 июля, 16:35

Dow Rallies Over 500 Points As JPMorgan, Wells Fargo Jumpstart Earnings Season

The market is bracing for its worst earnings season in 12 years.

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14 июля, 16:03

California’s Orange County Might Not Enforce Masks, Social Distancing As Schools Face Reopening

The Orange County school board voted to reopen classrooms without the safety precautions.

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14 июля, 15:37

ВИДЕО-ФЕЙК: 15 стран вводят иммунные паспорта, а мир превращается в цифровой концлагерь

Часть информации, приведенной в видео, не имеет подтверждений

14 июля, 11:00

Why Sustainable Food Systems are Needed in a post-COVID World

By Nicoletta Batini, James Lomax, and Divya Mehra Food systems are essential to economic activity because they provide the energy that we need to live and work. However, macroeconomists have long ignored them in the belief that the global agri-food industry, now highly mechanized, subsidized and concentrated, offers all we could wish for when it [...]

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14 июля, 10:37

Актуальная статистика по коронавирусу на 14 июля

Число заразившихся COVID-19 во всем мире превысило отметку 13 миллионов

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14 июля, 01:00

Natural Gas Daily: July 13th, 2020

Daily digest of the latest natural gas news and LNG news by Natural Gas World.

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13 июля, 23:35

Abortion Pill Available By Mail During Pandemic, Court Rules

Women seeking abortions can now do so without physically seeing a doctor.

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13 июля, 23:22

Master List Of All Major International Airline Coronavirus Change And Cancellation Policies

Airlines have differing policies on changes and cancelations due to COVID-19, or the coronavirus. Here's a daily-updated master list of airline policies.