National Grid
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28 января, 14:55

Energy firms face inquiry over £1.3bn green power cable

National Grid and Scottish Power project was two years late and has suffered outagesNational Grid and Scottish Power face an investigation by the energy industry regulator after repeatedly bungling the startup of a £1.3bn subsea power cable which is supported by home energy billpayers.The high-voltage power cable began transmitting renewable electricity from Scottish windfarms to homes and businesses in England and Wales in late 2017, about two years behind schedule. Continue reading...

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28 января, 03:01

UK must create 120,000 green energy jobs by 2030 to meet targets

National Grid report says target needs to be met if projects to cut greenhouse gas emissions are to go aheadThe UK must recruit more than 100,000 people to fill green energy roles within a decade if the government hopes to meet its binding climate targets, National Grid has warned.A report by the company found that Britain needs to fill 120,000 roles in the green energy industry by 2030 to help develop projects that can cut greenhouse gas emissions to near zero. That number is likely to reach 400,000 by 2050, when the government expects to have developed a clean energy system based on renewable electricity, green heating systems and electric vehicles. Continue reading...

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09 декабря 2019, 21:31

Thousands were paid to use extra renewable electricity on windy weekend

UK homes using new smart-energy tariffs urged to take advantage of record windfarm powerThousands of households were paid to use extra renewable electricity over the weekend as windfarms generated unprecedented levels of clean power.Homes using a new type of smart-energy tariff were urged to plug in their electric vehicles overnight and set their dishwasher on a timer to take advantage of the record renewables in the early hours of the morning. Continue reading...

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25 ноября 2019, 22:07

Rival ride-hailing firms can steer TfL's standards – why not Uber?

Belief in no consequences after failure to follow rules explains Uber’s loss of London licenceThe sense of corporate self-entitlement at Uber is astonishing. The US ride-hailing service thinks it is “extraordinary and wrong” that it has lost its licence to operate in London, a statement that could be made only by a company that believes failure to follow rules should have no consequences.Transport for London’s central finding was that 14,000 Uber journeys were conducted between late 2018 and early 2019 by drivers who had faked their identity. Since any one of those trips could have meant that passengers were travelling uninsured, we’re not talking about minor technology glitches. Courts rightly tend to view driving while uninsured as a serious matter. Customers also want to know that the person behind the wheel has been authorised. Continue reading...

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24 ноября 2019, 18:14

Power firms move ownership offshore to 'protect against Labour renationalisation'

National Grid and SSE own Britain’s gas and electricity transmission networksTwo of the UK’s largest power companies have quietly transferred the ownership of their British operations to offshore companies to protect themselves against Labour’s plan for renationalisation.National Grid and SSE, which together own Britain’s gas and electricity transmission networks, confirmed on Sunday they had created overseas holding companies following Labour’s pledge to restore them to state ownership. Continue reading...

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14 ноября 2019, 18:27

National Grid invests £2bn in US amid doubt over UK business

Energy firm builds US presence as calls grow to renationalise utilities in BritainNational Grid has ploughed a record of almost £2bn into its booming US-based business this year as increasing political pressure raises questions over the multinational’s future in the UK.The energy network provider spent nearly £1.6bn growing its regulated US business over the first six months of the year, and also invested £200m into its US-based renewables company Geronimo. Continue reading...

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11 ноября 2019, 09:01

Cornish homes take part in trial to supply clean power to grid

Project links solar-fitted premises in ‘milestone’ to form a mini virtual power plantHundreds of homes and businesses in Cornwall have started selling electricity to their local energy network and the national energy system in a pioneering move.The trial is the first time that traditional energy users – such as homes, hotels and businesses – have acted as suppliers in a microcosm of a full energy system. Continue reading...

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10 октября 2019, 19:53

Britain will have 'enough gas for first winter outside EU'

Despite assurances on supply, National Grid warns of steep price hikes in UK electricityBritain will be able to keep its lights on and homes warm through the winter even if imports of European electricity and gas come to a halt, according to National Grid.The energy system operator said the UK’s first winter outside of the European Union would pose no extra challenges to securing the UK’s gas and power supply. Continue reading...

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29 сентября 2019, 18:08

Centrica to use customers' hot water tanks to stop blackouts

British Gas owner to harness smart appliances to help balance National GridCentrica, the owner of British Gas, plans to use its customers’ hot water tanks to create a virtual power plant which could help National Grid prevent future blackouts.The UK’s biggest energy supplier hopes to harness household gadgets with energy capacity equivalent to a large power plant by 2025. The plan could help to balance the energy system without any perceptible impact for British households. Continue reading...

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18 сентября 2019, 14:29

Energy regulator to face MPs’ questions over role in blackout

Official documents show Ofgem has known for 10 years that new safeguards are neededThe energy industry regulator is to be hauled before a committee of MPs to face questions over its role in last month’s blackout after official documents revealed it has known for a decade that new safeguards are needed.A select committee plans to hold a hearing to press Ofgem on whether it has done enough update its regulation, which might have avoided last month’s “huge and widespread disruption”. Continue reading...

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10 сентября 2019, 16:51

National Grid to bring forward plans for new blackout safeguards

Operator says energy system should be more resilient after UK’s biggest outage in a decadeNational Grid will accelerate plans for new blackout safeguards to avoid another energy system shock after more than a million homes were left without electricity last month.The grid operator admitted after Britain’s biggest blackout in a decade that the energy system’s standards should be more resilient against the risk of unexpected power plant outages. Continue reading...

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21 августа 2019, 22:06

National Grid says new-style stability software will avoid blackouts

Operator is working on series of agreements with companies including General ElectricNational Grid plans to stabilise the energy grid by plugging into new technology after raising concerns a year ago that it may be “walking blind” into the risk of blackouts.The energy system operator is under investigation by the industry regulator, and the government, after Britain’s biggest blackout in more than a decade struck large parts of England and Wales on 9 August. Continue reading...

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20 августа 2019, 09:41

National Grid blames lightning strike for blackout

Ofgem to launch investigation after two power generators tripped offlineNational Grid has blamed a lightning strike for Britain’s biggest blackout in more than a decade after it caused two power generators to trip offline.The lightning strike was one of many to hit the grid on the same day as the 9 August blackouts but in an “extremely rare and unexpected event” it managed to bring down two electricity generators more than 100 miles apart. Continue reading...

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16 августа 2019, 14:27

Friends is social history – when young people bought coffee without guilt | Lucy Mangan

The show’s popularity cruelly reminds you the 90s were not in fact last week – I’m off to bed with a book about the middle agesA dozen carefully curated episodes of Friends are to be shown at selected cinemas to mark the sitcom’s 25th anniversary. It will be known as The One With The Proof That Time is a Flat Circle. Continue reading...

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16 августа 2019, 12:34

National Grid blackout report expected to blame avoidable faults

Operator investigating whether lightning strike near RWE gas plant caused outageNational Grid’s first report into the causes of Britain’s biggest blackout in more than a decade is expected to blame a string of avoidable faults at electricity generators, networks and rail companies.On Friday the company, which is responsible for keeping the lights on, will submit an interim report to the energy regulator detailing the cause of the widespread chaos triggered by last week’s grid outage. Continue reading...

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14 августа 2019, 15:22

Verdict on National Grid's handling of blackout 'within weeks'

UK government’s energy emergency committee will examine cause and proceduresThe government’s energy emergency committee will give a verdict on National Grid’s handling of last Friday’s nationwide blackout within weeks.The business secretary, Andrea Leadsom, has tasked the government’s Energy Emergencies Executives Committee with completing a review of the system operator’s role in Britain’s first major blackout in a decade within 12 weeks. Continue reading...

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14 августа 2019, 08:00

Britain’s infrastructure is breaking down. And here’s why no one’s fixing it | Aditya Chakrabortty

There’s no lobby for public assets like the National Grid. That goes too for our libraries, youth clubs, parks and pubsWhole swaths of Britain experience a blackout and the country lights up with fury. Cabinet minsters, the press, members of the public rightly demand answers: why was Newcastle airport plunged into darkness? Who is responsible for rail services being halted for hours? Threats are issued of a whopping fine, an official inquiry, heads rolling. Days of rage for a power cut of less than an hour.When it works, infrastructure is invisible. Point out the crumbliness, by all means, and lament the dangerous compromises – but as long as the wretched system judders on, voters shrug and politicians look the other way. Until the day the bridges collapse, the trains seize up and the lights no longer come on. By which time it is too late for anything but blame in 24-point headlines. Continue reading...

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12 августа 2019, 22:08

National Grid 'had three blackout near-misses in three months'

Exclusive: Industry sources say system operator aware of growing potential of blackouts ‘for years’What are the questions are raised by the UK’s recent blackout?National Grid had experienced three blackout “near-misses” in as many months before Friday’s major outage left almost a million homes in the dark and forced trains to a standstill around the UK.The system operator, already under investigation by the energy watchdog, faces criticism from within the industry that it has not done enough to guard against the risk of blackouts. Continue reading...

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12 августа 2019, 21:43

What are the questions raised by the UK's recent blackout?

The energy watchdog has asked National Grid for a rapid report; we look at the issues raisedBritain’s most severe blackout in more than a decade caused rush hour travel disruption across the UK’s biggest train stations, railways, roads and airports last Friday evening, and left almost a million homes across the country in the dark.The energy watchdog has asked National Grid, the energy system operator, to give an initial report into what went wrong by the end of this week, while the government has announced a separate inquiry. The network company could even face a fine. Continue reading...

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11 августа 2019, 17:56

Asda signs up its fridges to keep the UK warm this winter

Supermarket’s freezers will help power 8,500 homes by matching defrost times to blackouts or surges in demandHundreds of Asda supermarket stores will help power the UK’s electricity system this winter by using their fridges as a virtual battery pack for the energy grid.Britain’s third-largest supermarket chain has signed up 300 stores and 18 distribution depots to schemes which can earn the grocery giant extra revenue while helping to balance the electricity grid. Continue reading...