13 февраля 2018, 17:06

Monsanto Battles Market Rivalry on Innovation & Bayer's Deal

Monsanto Company's (MON) performance to be driven by stronger innovation and Bayer AG's pending buyout deal. However, stiff business rivalry and rising debt remain causes of concern.

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07 февраля 2018, 14:39

Основные фондовые индексы Европы растут

Европейские фондовые индексы выросли в среду, так как рынки во всем мире пытались избавиться от масштабной волатильности, наблюдавшейся на последних сессиях. Сводный европейский индекс Stoxx 600 вырос на 0,84 процента в середине утренних сделок, причем большинство секторов и крупных бирж были на положительной территории. Акции нефте-газового сектора были одними из лучших, нарастив более 1,1 процента на фоне корпоративных новостей о доходах. Statoil объявила о более сильных, чем ожидалось, результатах за четвертый квартал, отметив еще одну нефтяную компанию, которая выиграет от стремительно улучшающейся среды для крупных энергетических компаний. Акции Statoil выросли более чем на 2,5 процента в середине торгов. Шведская промышленная фирма Hexagon поднялась на вершину европейского индекса в среду. Компания заявила, что продажи в последние три месяца 2017 года резко возросли по сравнению с предыдущим кварталом. Акции выросли более чем на 8 процентов на новостях. Между тем, датский производитель ферментов Novozymes обвалился на дно индекса после того, как он сообщил о более слабых результатах, чем ожидалось. Фирма сказала, что сложные условия на рынках сельского хозяйства не позволили ей достигнуть прогнозов аналитиков по результатам четвертого квартала. Акции упали более чем на 6 процентов. Политические лидеры в Германии, как сообщается, достигли прорыва в переговорах, чтобы сформировать новое правительство в среду. Согласно сообщениям СМИ, Христианский альянс канцлера Ангелы Меркель и Социал-демократы договорились о сделке после нескольких месяцев неопределенности после выборов в сентябре. На текущий момент: FTSE 7189.07 47.67 0.67% DAX 12453.46 60.80 0.49% CAC 5179.35 17.54 0.34% Информационно-аналитический отдел TeleTradeИсточник: FxTeam

12 января 2018, 17:12

Monsanto Displays Robust Growth Drivers Amid Headwinds

Monsanto Company (MON) to boost competency driven by Bayer AG's buyout deal, increased innovation investments and favorable prices of major inputs. However, prevalent headwinds might impede growth.

25 мая 2017, 19:01

Shorter negative list for investment

WITH a shorter negative list for foreign investment, China has made a further step in opening up its vast market. A revised guidance catalog for foreign investment in China will soon come into force,

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03 апреля 2017, 15:00

KMG Chemicals (KMG) Hits New 52-Week High on Solid Prospects

Shares of KMG Chemicals, Inc. (KMG) reached a new 52-week high of $46.80 during its trading session on Mar 31. This apex improved upon the last 52-week high of $44.77 on Mar 14.

23 марта 2017, 13:56

Versum (VSM) Now a Strong Buy on Growth Drivers, '17 View

On Mar 23, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Versum Materials, Inc. (VSM) to a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).

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25 января 2017, 16:25

Time to Buy Columbia Acorn International Z Fund (ACINX)

Time to Buy Columbia Acorn International Z Fund (ACINX)

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18 января 2017, 13:12

European shares retreat as Pearson plummets

* Updates help ASML, Novozymes (Recasts, adds quotes and detail, updates prices)

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18 января 2017, 11:28

European shares boosted by company updates, though Pearson plummets

LONDON, Jan 18 (Reuters) - European shares edged higher on Wednesday in early deals, helped by a slew of well-received company results from ASML, Novozymes and Burberry, though shares in Pearson slumped after its update.

30 ноября 2016, 16:54

Closing The Loop Amidst the Cobblestones of Malmo

We're gathered in the historic city of Malmo, Sweden this week with six innovators and some of the world's leading experts on sustainability to harness the power of collective solutions. "It's amazing to be here in Malmö with this years innovators," says Sofus Midtgaard the Nordic lead on LAUNCH. Midtgaard says creating real impact means "changing business as usual, scaling innovative solutions and preparing the system to adopt them." Toke Sabroe of LAUNCH helping May Al-Karooni, CEO of Globechain prepare her presentation. To help these innovators succeed and scale, LAUNCH partners IKEA Group, Nike Inc., Novozymes, Kvadrat, as well as leading scientists, investors, and Nordic government representatives will team up with the innovators tomorrow for interactive ideation and mentorship sessions. "It is this coming together of unusual partners from across industry and government where the power of LAUNCH lies to truly change the world," says Jeff Hamaoui of LAUNCH. "Innovation pushes us to think about the future we want and what could be, rather than the future that is coming to us," Hamaoui adds. The 6 LAUNCH Nordic innovators share how their ideas can disrupt the system: BioCellection: a biotech solution that uses bacteria to upcycle plastic. Cofounders Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao are based in the US: BioCellection's mission is to turn plastic pollution into value and to make this technology globally accessible. We are building a platform technology that will convert mixed plastic waste that is currently going to landfills, incinerators, and oceans into new materials and chemicals that can be used in the value chain of a variety of industries, ranging from construction, textiles, to biotechnology. We are upcycling a currently uncaptured material and closing the plastic economy by bridging previously disparate industries and rethinking the question 'plastics to X?' Globechain: a platform to connect businesses, charities and people to reuse unwanted items. Founder and CEO May Al-Karooni is based in the UK: Globechain is a reuse platform that connects businesses to charities and smes to give and take unwanted items within a supply chain network creating a social impact waste audit for its members. To date, it has helped divert over 1,000,000 kilos from landfill, contributed to over 800,000 in savings/revenue to charitable causes and indirectly helped increase employment and up skilling by around 37%. Infinited Fibre Company: a closed loop solution for the textile industry. Founder Petri Alava is based in Finland: We have sustainable chemical technology to produce new natural and affordable textile fibers equal to cotton from textile and cardboard waste normally ending up to landfills. The fashion industry is excited about this unique technology and many major brands are committed to working with us and helping scale us to markets. The potential impact, if we get this to large markets and people all over the world, could be annually savings of 6.5 billion litres of oil and 65 billion litres of fresh water. Kabadiwalla Connect: a system to help cities manage recyclable waste, by leveraging the informal waste ecosystem. Founder Siddhartha Hande is based in India: Urban India's waste management system is in crisis. Every year our cities generate over 68 million tons of waste and currently over 90% is sent to open landfills. Eventually, our company hopes to help divert 70% of this waste by engaging the informal sector -- helping avoid the emissions of 30 million tons of CO2 and resulting in the savings of at least 3.5 billion USD in expenditures for local municipalities every year. Shrilk: a biodegradable alternative to plastic that is inspired by the insect cuticle. Founder Javier Fernandez is based in Singapore: We believe the age of plastic is coming to its end and a new era based on the integration of biology in manufacturing is coming. Similar to how plastic transformed society and the way we consume and produce, biomaterials will do the same in bringing new methods of production addressing the current societal and sustainability needs. Queen of Raw: an online sustainable materials marketplace for suppliers and designers. CEO and Co-Founder Stephanie Benedetto is based in the US: Brands across industries struggle to find sustainable raw materials and factories around the world struggle to sell their excess stock that sits in a warehouse or eventually ends up in a landfill. Queen of Raw provides the bridge and by 2025 can save over 4 billion gallons of water and 2 million pounds of chemicals while keeping over 2 million tons of textiles out of landfills. BioCellection cofounders Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao honing their pitch ahead of the Nordic Forum December 1. "We are working to make our whole product range more sustainable, including playing an active role in the transition to a circular economy. We are looking forward to meeting this year's innovators with disruptive ideas and fresh mindsets who can help us on this journey. I'm looking forward to help and interact with this year's six selected innovators." Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group You'll be able to meet all six innovators online today via Twitter at 10:30am EST. Using the hashtag #LAUNCHNordic, the innovators will share insights on their work and innovative ways to give products and materials a second life! Also joining them on Twitter will be NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman, a chemist and former United States Air Force officer, Coleman has been on three space missions and spent 180 days in space. She's eager to learn more about the innovations and says "a sustainable earth" will help inform our future journey to Mars. "While living up on our International Space Station for 6 months, I had a special vantage point," Coleman says. "We are all on a journey and whether we have our feet right here on earth, or we are traveling thru space, we have some problem solving to do. We need to be able to recycle our water, take care of our air, and grow food in places that it is not easy to do that. You can see that space exploration and sustainable earth have a lot in common," she adds. NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman It is especially poignant to have Coleman join on Twitter today on the eve of her retirement from NASA! After 33 years, Cady Coleman is beginning her next journey so be sure to join us on #LAUNCHNordic as we congratulate her on a remarkable career. "Being partners in LAUNCH Nordic has been highly inspirational for us. We are looking forward to helping this year's innovators, but we learn a lot from them as well. We look forward to share knowledge and hopefully find meaningful and relevant technologies and innovation suitable for co-investment." Anders Byriel, CEO, Kvadrat LAUNCH's Sofus Midtgaard and Jeff Hamaoui at High Court in Malmo, Sweden. Following the LAUNCH Nordic Forum, innovators will take part in an accelerator program to help them bring their innovations to scale. The LAUNCH Nordic Council participants include: Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group; Anders Byriel, CEO, Kvadrat; Morten Elkjær, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mikkel Stenbæk, Deputy Head of Division, Danish EPA; Carin Daal, Head of Department, Region Skåne; and Mike van der Zanden, Sustainability Director, Supply Chain Innovation Europe, Nike. They will provide access to capital, credibility and capacity to help the six innovators take their innovations to scale. Malmo, Sweden where old red brick factories and historic canals take you back to the city's origins in the 16th century. The multimedia team of Bjarke Myrthu, Davar Ardalan, and Longfei Wang preparing for a live digital event at High Court in Malmo, Sweden. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

25 ноября 2016, 17:56

Columbia Acorn International A Fund (LAIAX) in Focus

Columbia Acorn International A (LAIAX) a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) invests at least 75% of its net assets in foreign companies in developed markets (for example, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom) and in emerging markets (for example, China, India and Brazil).

27 октября 2016, 09:37

Фондовые рынки Европы снизились в среду на слабой отчетности

Европейские фондовые индексы завершили в минусе торги в среду на фоне разочаровывающей корпоративной отчетности, а также снижения цен на нефть.

26 октября 2016, 19:51

European shares fall slightly led by Novozymes; Gucci owner soars

* IAG rises after British Airways pension deal (Adds details, updates prices)

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26 октября 2016, 10:27

Novozymes shares slide 11% as quarterly results disappoint

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit www.marketwatch.com or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

11 августа 2016, 10:48

Европа: фондовые рынки умеренно отступили. США: рынок ушел в минус

В среду, 10 августа, фондовые индексы Старого Света завершили торговую сессию небольшим снижением. Европейские рынки акций за исключением британского не сумели финишировать на положительной территории на фоне возобновившегося снижения цен на нефть и ряда не самых удачных квартальных отчетностей, опубликованных в регионе. Цены на нефть вчера растеряли первоначальные выигрыши после публикации данных по запасам нефти от EIA, показавших увеличение запасов "черного золота" на 1,055 млн баррелей вместо ожидавшегося рынком сокращения.

01 июня 2016, 23:07

Business-Driven Sustainability Will Change the World

Fifteen years ago, Novozymes (a global cleantech company) signed onto the UN Global Compact--a pledge by businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation. We joined because we believed a revolution would follow--turning corporations into social and environmental advocates and drivers of sustainable improvements. Today, that way of thinking and acting is becoming the way global leaders do business. With more than 80% of S&P 500 companies now issuing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainability report (according to the Governance & Accountability Institute), sustainability is becoming business mainstream. Companies are going beyond just reporting their financial, social and environmental results. They are now integrating sustainability practices into their operations. This transition to purpose-driven business brings solid results for companies like Novozymes. In fact, 2015 Morgan Stanley research found that, "...firms that consistently factor sustainability into their business strategy can fare better; with positive effects both on a firm's profitability and stock price performance..."-proof that by doing good a business can do well. With all the global challenges today, we need more companies to rethink tomorrow. How can they better drive their business using the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) as a guide? What impacts will this have on society and their bottom line? The answer is the sweet spot where people, planet and profit interconnect and deliver solutions for better lives in a growing world. In 2014, Novozymes used the draft SDG's as inspiration when developing its new long-term strategy and company purpose: Together we make biological solutions for better lives in a growing world. With technology innovation as the backbone of our business and sustainability at the heart of our culture, we search for ways that biology, nature's technology, can be leveraged to solve some of the world's biggest problems. In order to integrate the SDGs into our business we use them to assess our innovation pipeline and determine which new solutions have the most promise to bring positive impact to the world. Whether it's saving energy in the production of your favorite brew, reducing the use of chemicals to make your daughter's Justin Bieber concert T-shirt or bringing cleaner-burning biofuels to a service station near you, we're developing ways to implement more sustainable manufacturing of your favorite products. Many of these initiatives are highlighted at the Business for 2030 website which showcases business contributions to sustainable development through the prism of the SDGs. Among the 17 SDG goals, three in particular provide opportunities that biotechnology can help address: Eliminating billions of tons of CO2 Wherever we can modify a conventional process with a biological one it results in a significant positive impact to the environment. By using specific enzymes in your low temperature laundry detergent for example, we can reduce chemical consumption, energy, water and CO2 emissions, compared with conventional technologies. The documented environmental benefits of biological technologies are big. In 2015 alone, Novozymes' customers avoided 60 million tons of CO2 emissions by applying our products-- equivalent to taking 25 million cars off the road annually. Moreover, if all existing biotechnology were applied to industry today around the world, we could save 2.5 billion tons of CO2 emissions. But that is just the beginning. Our only limitation is the creativity of scientists and engineers to discover new ways where these solutions can make a real difference. Ensuring sustainable energy for all Novozymes is working with partners towards the shared goal of ensuring universal worldwide access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services. Through the World Bank and U.N.-led initiative Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) High Impact Opportunity on Sustainable Bioenergy we aim to double sustainable bioenergy to 30 percent of the global energy mix by 2030. More than 50 developing countries are engaged with more than $50 billion mobilized from the private sector toward achieving these goals. Sustainable bioenergy holds vast opportunities to cut CO2 emissions, reduce dependency on oil, increase energy security, create green jobs, and enable emerging economies to address their growing energy needs. Supporting sustainable food production Feeding a growing world of nine billion people may prove to be the ultimate challenge. In order to meet this demand, farmers will need multiple technology tools in their toolbox. Novozymes' BioAgriculture technology harnesses naturally-occurring microbes in the soil to help farmers increase crop yields while reducing use of fertilizer and pesticides. Similarly, our animal feed microbes and enzymes help improve animal digestion and nutrition resulting in higher farm productivity, reduced antibiotic usage and lower environmental impact. We'll need to use more sustainable agriculture globally to continue to deliver the safe, affordable food many of us enjoy today. The world now has a plan for its development - the UN SDG´s - agreed upon by 193 countries in September 2015. This is a great gift to business because they can only be achieved through private sector solutions. The SDG's are a powerful, long-term signal providing direction and a great framework for business to release its powers of innovating and developing solutions for the world. In short, they are driving business to become an even stronger force for good. Learn more about Novozymes and how they are adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a core driver of brand strategy, product and service innovation, and sustainability goal-setting going forward. Claus will be speaking to the Sustainable Brands community next week at SB'16 San Diego and at SB'16 Copenhagen this coming September 26-28. This post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and Sustainable Brands on the power of purpose in driving business success. The Huffington Post is a media partner for SB'16 San Diego, Sustainable Brands' flagship conference in San Diego June 6th-9th. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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