23 марта, 06:12

Papua New Guinea declares state of emergency after first coronavirus case

A foreign mine worker is confirmed as the country’s first case, as Guam records the Pacific region’s first Covid-19 deathPapua New Guinea will enter into a two-week state of emergency on Tuesday after the country confirmed its first case of Covid-19, as the Pacific region recorded its first death from the virus.The Papua New Guinea government confirmed late on Friday evening that its first case of coronavirus is a foreign mine worker who entered the country on 13 March and travelled to Lae. Continue reading...

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25 февраля, 07:53

Thai geologist shot dead in second mining-related killing in Bougainville

Channon Lumpoo, 27, was shot as he conducted exploration activities for a new gold mine in the regionA Thai geologist working at a new gold mine in Bougainville has been shot dead in the second killing at a mining project in the autonomous region of Papua New Guinea in recent months.Channon Lumpoo, 27, was shot by a high-powered weapon on Monday in the Kokoda constituency of south Bougainville. Continue reading...

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25 февраля, 07:25

Oil Search's 2019 Profit Down 8%

Profit was down due to lower oil and gas prices.

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30 января, 20:00

The birth of Bougainville

Last year the small Pacific island of Bougainville, a self-governed part of Papua New Guinea, held a referendum on whether it should become an independent country. In this episode of Full Story, Leanne Jorari looks at the long and sometimes violent journey to this historic vote, and where to now for BougainvilleYou can read this explainer on Bougainville’s referendum by Pacific editor Kate Lyons. Leanne Jorari also reported on the lead up to the referendum, and the day of the vote. Continue reading...

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29 января, 14:10

PNG Starts Gas-Fired Power Plant

The Port Moresby power plant is Papua New Guinea's first-ever dedicated grid-connected gas-fired power plant.

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28 января, 05:51

Oil Search's 2019 Revenue Up 3%

Revenue last year was US$1.58bn.

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14 января, 19:30

Leaked photos of Papua New Guinea prison reveal 'torture' of 18 asylum seekers cut off from world

Exclusive: Conditions inside Australia-funded Bomana centre prompted dozens to agree to return to country of originLeaked pictures from inside Papua New Guinea’s Bomana immigration detention centre have given a glimpse of where up to 20 asylum seekers still remain locked up by PNG authorities, despite widespread concerns for their health, welfare and legal rights.Despite around 30 men being released after signing agreements to return to their country of origin, Guardian Australia understands all remain in PNG. Continue reading...

11 января, 04:43

Pacific nations need much more than Scott Morrison's thanks to survive | Kate Lyons

Governments from across the Pacific have offered support for bushfire relief but are in a tight spot with Australia over the climate crisis When Scott Morrison thanked governments of the world for their assistance with Australia’s bushfire crisis, he particularly singled out “the loving response from our Pacific family”.Across the Pacific region – a collection of developing and least developed nations that are themselves almost uniquely at risk from climate-induced catastrophes – the response to the Australian bushfires has been immediate and generous, but it also reveals something of the problematic fraternity that Australia has with the rest of the region. Continue reading...

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19 декабря 2019, 12:45

Papua LNG yet to reach take-off

French oil major Total and Australian partner Oil Search in October struck a deal with the government of Papua New Guinea that should pave the way for the development of the $13bn Papua LNG project, but talks between the government and US oil major ExxonMobil over supplying gas to one of Papua LNG’s planned three trains have stalled. Reaching agreement on local procurement has been crucial in the negotiations, a process that could have lessons for nearby Timor-Leste. [LNG Condensed Volume 1, Issue 11 - November 2019]

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16 декабря 2019, 16:38

Roslyn Poignant obituary

Anthropologist, researcher and writer who became an expert on historic photographsRoslyn Poignant, who has died aged 92, was a fine writer, a respected scholar and a tenacious historical detective. Trained as an anthropologist and historian, she was also a masterful interpreter of photographic evidence. Her forensic yet deeply humane research brought past injustices kicking and screaming into the present.In the 1970s, in archives at the Royal Anthropological Institute in London, she found a photograph of three Indigenous Australian people – a man, woman and child – whom she would come to identify as Billy, Jenny and Toby. Continue reading...

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11 декабря 2019, 18:08

How to create your own country – a beginner's guide

From a national flag to sporting heroes, what will breakaway Bougainville need to become the world’s newest state?Bougainville has voted overwhelmingly for independence from Papua New Guinea, but what happens next when you want to become an independent state? What do you have to do to become a new country? Continue reading...

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11 декабря 2019, 07:55

Bougainville referendum: region votes overwhelmingly for independence from Papua New Guinea

Jubilation at result but region faces long process ahead before it can become world’s newest nationThe autonomous region of Bougainville has voted overwhelmingly in favour of becoming independent from Papua New Guinea, paving the way for the group of islands to become the world’s newest nation.More than 180,000 people in Bougainville, a collection of islands flung 700km off the coast of Papua New Guinea in the Solomon Sea, participated in a referendum over the last few weeks that has been nearly 20 years in the making. Continue reading...

04 декабря 2019, 10:24

Australia Revokes Medical Evacuations for Offshore Detainees

The government called the policy, enacted just 10 months ago, a “back door” to let refugees into the country. Human rights advocates denounced the repeal as shameful.

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28 ноября 2019, 06:39

'Bless this referendum': Bougainville votes and prays for independence

Celebrations as voting begins to decide whether the region will break away from Papua New GuineaIn the coastal town of Buka a solemn procession of people makes its way from the Catholic church to Bel Isi park, where worshippers kneel before a makeshift cross. There is one subject that dominates the prayers in Bougainville today.“We are gathered here this morning in Bel Isi Park to ask you to bless the referendum. May it be peaceful and successful,” says the priest. Continue reading...

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24 ноября 2019, 06:55

The brutal history of Bougainville – in pictures

A look back at the archipelago’s history, from German colony to civil war, and from reconciliation to independence referendum Continue reading...

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23 ноября 2019, 07:02

Bougainville referendum: voting begins amid scenes of jubilation

People are ‘in the mood for celebration’ as they choose whether to split from Papua New Guinea After 20 years, the big day has finally arrived for the people of Bougainville. Large crowds gathered on Saturday at the aptly named Bel Isi (Peace) park in Buka for the first day of a two-week referendum to decide whether the archipelago should become independent from Papua New Guinea.Amid a significant security presence, hundreds of Bougainvilleans marched through the streets as they followed the autonomous region’s president, John Momis, as he arrived at a polling booth to cast his vote. Continue reading...

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22 ноября 2019, 10:17

Talks Between PNG, ExxonMobil Stall: Press

Oil Search, ExxonMobil and France's Total are working on developing the proposed Papua LNG project and the expansion of the existing PNG LNG plant.

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21 ноября 2019, 02:47

Peace agreements normally fail within five years. Bougainville is a lesson to us all | Bertie Ahern

Bougainvilleans will vote in an independence referendum this weekend, the result of a unique Melanesian process of reconciliationThirty years ago Bougainville lost 20,000 people in a brutal civil war that lasted almost a decade.This week Bougainvilleans will go to the polls to vote on independence from Papua New Guinea, but in a very different mood – one of joy and celebration. Underlying this historic occasion is a resolve by all sides to honour the fallen, but never again return to conflict. Continue reading...

15 ноября 2019, 23:16

Behrouz Boochani, brutalised but not beaten by Manus, says simply: 'I did my best'

After six hellish years inside Australia’s offshore detention regime, Boochani reflects on the country that rejected him, his new-found freedom and the friends he left behindSupport our independent journalism with a one-off or recurring contribution“One day,” Behrouz Boochani said, observing the bleakness of the abandoned Manus detention centre, its dark form illuminated by wood stripped from the buildings being burned for light, “we will meet in some other place, far away from here.”That was two years ago, in the middle of a warm November night, when Boochani helped smuggle this reporter into the decommissioned Manus Island detention centre where 400 men were holding out against being forcibly removed: rationing their dwindling supply of food and medicine, guarding against the violent police crackdown they knew was coming, repairing the freshwater wells that had been deliberately spoiled by the retreating guards. Continue reading...

14 ноября 2019, 13:14

A long flight to freedom: how refugee Behrouz Boochani finally left his island jail behind

The Kurdish Iranian refugee, kept in a limbo on Manus Island by Australia’s hardline immigration regime, made a final 34-hour journey to liberty• Behrouz Boochani lands in New Zealand a free man• Behrouz Boochani welcomed to freedom at Auckland airport – videoThe flight to freedom is long.Behrouz Boochani’s journey for a new homeland began in 2013 with a harried departure from Iran and a harrowing voyage on a leaky boat to Christmas Island. It stalled for six long years in Australia’s byzantine and capricious offshore detention system. Continue reading...

26 июля 2016, 18:04

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Папуа-Новая Гвинея. Народности горока и хули

Джимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Намибия. Народность ХимбаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Кения. Народность СамбуруДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Танзания. Народность МасаиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность КараДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность МурсиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народность ДасанечДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Эфиопия. Народности Банна и АрбореДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Монголия. Казахи Баян-Улгийского регионаДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. ЧукчиДжимми Нельсон. Проект «Пока они не исчезли». Россия. Ненцы

04 января 2013, 10:53

"РусАл" начинает крупный проект в Гвинее

"РусАл" и Гвинея согласовали условия разработки крупнейшего в мире бокситового месторождения "Диан-Диан". Разработка месторождения разделена на четыре этапа.