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16 июля 2019, 16:31

Pearson shifts to Netflix-style subscription model for textbooks

Academic publisher hopes to convince students to pay to access online materialsThe era of students using their loans to buy expensive textbooks upfront could be coming to an end, after the academic publisher Pearson announced a shift towards a Netflix-style subscription-based model.The British company has for years profited from the demand for specialist textbooks at US universities, which students can be required to purchase despite them sometimes costing hundreds of dollars. Continue reading...

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23 июня 2019, 12:47

Police investigate leak of GCSE religious studies exam paper

Exclusive: latest in series of security breaches highlights role of social media in cheatingPolice have been called in to investigate another exam leak after an unknown number of students had advance sight of part of a GCSE religious studies (RS) paper last month.It is the latest of a series of damaging security breaches to hit summer exams in recent years, with social media enabling cheats to disseminate leaked questions quickly and easily. Continue reading...

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18 июня 2019, 16:50

Watchdog to review English exams system after A-level leak fears

Edexcel to replace further maths paper pupils were due to sit later this weekRegulators are to review the integrity of the school examination system in England after a “completely unacceptable” security breach led the Edexcel board to withdraw and replace an A-level further maths paper over fears it had been leaked.About 7,000 pupils are due to sit the third part of Edexcel’s further maths A-level exam on Thursday, and while the exam will go ahead as planned Pearson, Edexcel’s parent company, announced it will replace the paper with a new version as a precaution. Continue reading...

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23 апреля 2019, 20:43

Criminal charges possible over leaks of A-level maths papers

Edexcel exam board says it has upgraded security after online leaks in 2017-18 Police investigating leaks of A-level maths exam papers have referred a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which will consider bringing criminal charges.The file dates back to a leak in 2017, when the exam board Edexcel was forced to issue replacement questions at the last minute to a limited number of exam centres after reports that some students had access to content in advance. Continue reading...

30 ноября 2018, 09:11

Before ‘This Is Us’: How Actor Michael Angarano Got His Start

Michael Angarano is new to 'This Is Us,' but he started acting years ago.

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30 ноября 2018, 04:36

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: And now teen conservative CJ Pearson’s Twitter account has been locked (again)…

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: And now teen conservative CJ Pearson’s Twitter account has been locked (again).

28 ноября 2018, 22:26

When will ‘This Is Us’ Return in 2019?

When will 'This Is Us' Return in 2019?

28 ноября 2018, 18:34

G-20: It’s ‘Now or Never’ in the ‘Fight of the Century’ Between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

Gordon G. Chang Security, Asia Saturday’s Trump-Xi meeting could be the now-or-never moment for America’s economic engagement with China. Larry Kudlow announced on Tuesday that President Trump believes there is a “good possibility” he will reach a trade deal when he meets with Chinese ruler Xi Jinping at the conclusion of the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires. The director of the National Economic Council also revealed that the administration is talking with China in a comprehensive fashion. “We’re having now a lot of communication with the Chinese government at all levels,” Kudlow said. “We were at a total standstill. Nothing was going on.” The “trade war” is the “fight of the century,” and many think a deal to end it is “now or never.” In the now-or-never camp are Yan Se, an associate professor at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, and Pearson Goodman, a graduate economics student at Peking University. “We are currently in the midst of a golden window of opportunity to end the ongoing U.S.-China trade war,” they wrote on the widely followed Caixin site Tuesday. “A visible shift in rhetoric and policy by Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping and other high-ranking party officials provide evidence that China is willing to make meaningful and sincere reforms. Under this liberalizing momentum, China and the U.S. are in better positions than ever to reach a deal that would work for both sides.” They are undoubtedly over optimistic about Xi willing to make meaningful concessions. He has, after all, roiled the leadership and cannot back down without painful personal consequences, but Yan and Goodman nonetheless look correct when they argue that there is only a one-month window of opportunity to avoid a breakdown in trade relationships. Their argument is based upon the effect of American tariffs on Chinese employment. Up until now, Trump has imposed “Section 301” tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods. To date, there have been no noticeable layoffs in China as a result of these additional charges. Read full article

08 апреля 2018, 18:18

Firms touted as 'top employers' for women pay them less than men

Almost half of companies listed as best places to work as a woman report gender pay gap greater than national averageAlmost half of the companies included on a list of businesses feted as the best places to work as a woman in the UK have a gender pay gap higher than the national average, exclusive Guardian analysis has revealed.Of the subsidiaries of companies included on the Times Top 50 Employers for Women list in 2017, more than nine in 10 pay women less than they pay men on average, with almost half of the companies reporting a gender pay gap greater than 18.4% – the national average as calculated by the Office of National Statistics. Continue reading...

02 апреля 2018, 23:40

Минобороны Великобритании возобновляет членство в программе ББМ «Боксер»

Великобритания вновь присоединится к программе ББМ «Боксер» и изучит варианты оснащения Сухопутных войск данной бронемашиной в рамках программы закупки боевой бронированной машины MIV (Mechanised Infantry Vehicle).   Как говорится в сообщении британского военного ведомства, Великобритания сыграла важную роль при разработке базового проекта и испытаниях «Боксер» в течение 1999-2004 гг. и при заключении контракта восстановит полученные в качестве партнера права, включая право сборки ББМ в Великобритании и возможность ее экспорта. Реализация проекта позволит обеспечить, по меньшей мере, 1000 рабочих мест на территории страны. Согласно условиям сделки, при сборке «Боксер» в Великобритании доля компонентов британского производства составит не менее 60%.   Консорциум ARTEC, который производит ББМ «Боксер», уже принял на себя обязательства перед британской промышленностью, в ожидании заключения сделки, подписав соглашения о сотрудничестве с BAE Systems, Pearson Engineering и Thales UK.   Ожидается, что британские компании будут конкурировать за производство и поставку различных подсистем ББМ, а также создание сборочной линии в Великобритании. В числе других участников проекта названы Rolls-Royce (двигатель), Parker-Hannifin, William Cook Engineering и др.   В настоящее время МО Великобритании ведет переговоры с Организацией по сотрудничеству в области закупки вооружений OCCAR (Organisation conjointe de cooperation en matiere d'armement) и консорциумом ARTEC. Как ожидается, фаза оценки завершится в 2019 году. Она будет включать сравнительный анализ потенциальных производственных площадок и цепочек поставки комплектующих для «Боксер», а также оценку стоимости. Конечной целью является обеспечение принятия на вооружение первых ББМ в 2023 году.   До принятия решения Министерство обороны Великобритании провело всесторонний анализ боевых машин пехоты, состоящих на вооружении, поступающих на вооружение и находящихся в разработке. Анализ основывался на требованиях СВ Великобритании и сроках поставки техники. Согласно оценке, «Боксер» обеспечивает оптимальный уровень защиты, мобильности, огневой мощи и гибкости применения.   Ожидается, что в рамках предлагаемой сделки Великобритания также получит значительные инвестиционные средства от компании Rheinmetall, входящей в состав ARTEC. В частности, немецкая фирма заявила о намерении создать в Великобритании центр производства и сборки ББМ.   Вторая входящая в ARTEC компания, Krauss-MaffeiWegmann (KMW), уже создала крупное предприятие в Стокпорте (Великобритания), где ведутся работы по разработке, производству и поддержке военной техники.   Источник:  ЦАМТО 02.04.2018 Tweet апрель 2018

28 марта 2018, 21:44

‘Suits’: Everything We Know About the Spinoff

'Suits' is losing its stars Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams but here is everything to know about its spinoff.

28 марта 2018, 01:20

Supreme Court to consider limits on gerrymandering

When the Supreme Court hears oral arguments this week examining whether partisan gerrymandering can violate voters’ constitutional rights, the time-honored ability of the two parties to draw congressional maps to maximize their advantages will be under existential threat.In the case in question, the justices will examine whether Democrats improperly retaliated against Republican voters in Maryland by changing the district lines to beat a GOP congressman. It’s the second such case currently before the high court, which last year heard arguments over Wisconsin’s GOP-drawn state legislative map.Taken together, the two cases raise the prospect the court could soon put limits on how far the parties can go in redistricting -- and could erase some of the decade’s most egregious political maps.Though the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about maps drawn by each party, Republicans remain in control of the redistricting process in a greater number of states. That means a ruling establishing restrictions on political considerations would likely boost Democrats, at least in the short term.But Democrats are the ones under the court’s microscope in the Maryland case, which centers around a unique legal theory: That, in tweaking the borders of a western Maryland-based congressional district, the Democratic-controlled legislature and then-Gov. Martin O’Malley were punishing voters for supporting Republicans in the past, including then-GOP Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. That punishment, the plaintiff’s theory says, amounts to a violation of their First Amendment rights.“The mapdrawers and Democratic leaders in Annapolis in 2010 and 2011 looked at the way voters had cast their ballots in the 6th District in the years before redistricting and in effect disapproved that,” said Michael Kimberly, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the case.Bartlett was first elected in 1992, and in each of his nine successful reelection campaigns, he never earned less than 57 percent of the vote. But after the 2010 Census, Democrats in Annapolis took aim at his district, tweaking the lines so it took in more of the well-heeled, heavily Democratic bedroom communities near Washington, including Potomac.Democratic Rep. John Delaney, who is retiring this year to mount a 2020 presidential bid, has held the district since 2012. And Republicans, who for most of the previous decade held two of the state’s eight congressional districts, were down to only one seat in the state.“The evidence in our case shows the goal was to go from a quote-unquote 6-2 map to a 7-1 map,” Kimberly said.In the larger, national House landscape, one Democratic seat in Maryland does little to offset Republicans’ overall advantage in drawing the district lines. The GOP electoral sweep in the 2010 midterm elections allowed the party to take control of the line-drawing process in a number of states, giving the party an advantage for the decade in elections both for state legislatures and Congress.A report last week from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School suggests that, because of the way the districts are drawn, Democrats may need to win the aggregate congressional popular vote by 11 percentage points this fall to reclaim the House majority. While some experts claim that overstates the built-in GOP advantage, court-imposed limits on partisan redistricting would boost Democrats.Advocates say court action is needed more now because redistricting software is growing far more sophisticated, and there are more streams of granular data to slice voters into districts where the electoral outcomes are predetermined.“If the Supreme Court does not get involved, it’s only going to get worse,” said Michael Li, senior counsel at the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program.Already, legal action at the state level has helped Democrats chip away at hostile maps in two large states: Florida and Pennsylvania. In both states, the states’ highest court threw out the maps drawn by Republicans for improperly taking into account partisanship. Democrats gained a seat in Florida in the 2016 elections, but they are poised to gain between two and six seats in Pennsylvania this year under a new, court-drawn map.And litigation over partisan gerrymandering is still ongoing in a number of other states. A federal court voided North Carolina’s congressional map earlier this year — the first time a federal court had thrown out district lines because of excessive partisanship, not because of racial considerations or unequal populations. The Supreme Court has put that ruling on hold while it considers the Wisconsin and Maryland cases.Another partisan gerrymandering case is pending in Michigan, where Republicans have held a nine-to-five advantage in the delegation for the entire decade.Criticism of gerrymandering is nothing new. Former Massachusetts Gov. Elbridge Gerry was pilloried by a local newspaper for signing a state legislative map in 1812 that maximized his party’s advantage with oddly-shaped districts, including one that resembled a salamander.But good-government activists and other reformers have succeeded in recent years in constraining partisan gerrymandering in a number of states. An independent commission now draws maps in California following a successful 2010 ballot initiative. That same year, Florida voters approved an amendment to the state constitution that prohibited legislators from considering electoral performance when drawing the state’s congressional districts; it led to Republicans’ first map, used in the 2012 and 2014 elections, to be voided by a court.In Ohio, there will be an initiative on the ballot this May to establish a bipartisan commission that would draw a congressional map if the legislature didn't produce one on a bipartisan basis.Increasingly, redistricting is a political campaign issue, too. The Maryland case puts Democrats on the defensive. The state's GOP governor, Larry Hogan, has long fought Democrats in the state over redistricting, and he signed a friend-of-the-court brief backing the challengers to the map in the current case.The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, the group headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder and backed by former President Barack Obama, was founded after 2016 to fight Republican gerrymanders across the country — and to help Democrats win at the state level between now and 2021, when the maps will be redrawn again.The NDRC's communications director, Patrick Rodenbush, told POLITICO that the group is monitoring the Maryland case and believes "there should be some guardrails" for states in partisan redistricting. "The Supreme Court now has an opportunity to tell Democrats and Republicans if there’s a line that you can’t cross," he said. "And we think that would be good."Democrats, including the NDRC, aren't counting on the high court to erase all the GOP-drawn maps. The Democratic Governors Association announced this month will spend $20 million in gubernatorial races this year in states where the governor plays a role in the redistricting process. The goal was to achieve “fairer maps for voters around the country,” said Elisabeth Pearson, the DGA's executive director, in a press release.But Pearson said this week that the DGA isn't seeking to elect Democrats to approve gerrymandered maps in the party's favor, but rather as checks on GOP legislatures, in states where Republicans drew the state legislative maps and retain an advantage in those races.“There is no potential scenario, even in an Democratic sweep in 2018, we’ll be in a position to have enough power to do the same thing [in 2021] as what Republicans have done,” Pearson said.The Republican Governors Association did not immediately return a request for comment.But what the Supreme Court may determine in the Maryland case — Benisek v. Lamone — is how far the parties can go in redrawing the maps after the next Census.“In taking these two cases, it’s clear the Supreme Court wants to say something about partisan gerrymandering,” said Li. “And we don’t know what that is yet.”

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22 марта 2018, 14:00

Dark Beacon review – lighthouse shocker makes a boob

Corrie Greenop and Lee Apsey’s cack-handed British horror heads straight for the rocksThis amateurish British horror film would be more forgivable, maybe even endearing in an “ah bless, at least they tried” way, if it were made by actual amateurs. However, director Corrie Greenop and his co-writer Lee Apsey already have a few titles in their filmographies, so no free passes will be issued. This cack-handed effort features April Pearson as Amy, a woman whose sole job is to keep her white, side-boob-exposing dress immaculate throughout, even after she’s spent two days scrambling over rocks at the beach. Amy has arrived at a remote lighthouse to see her former lover Beth (Lynne Anne Rodgers) and Beth’s mute daughter Maya (pre-teen Kendra Mei, giving the film’s best performance) after the sudden death by drowning of Beth’s husband Christian (Toby Osmond). Continue reading...

19 марта 2018, 14:44

Should Pro-Life Clinics Have to Post Information About Abortion?

The Supreme Court will consider the rights of crisis pregnancy centers, which help women “imagine what the choice of life would be like.”

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17 марта 2018, 18:05

‘This Is Us’ Season 3: Is Beth and Randall’s Marriage in Danger?

Beth and Randall's marriage has been rocky in the past, but it looks like it could be in danger in 'This Is Us' Season 3.

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15 марта 2018, 20:15

Лучшую диету придумали бедняки

Простая крестьянская еда оказалась лучшей диетой на свете

14 марта 2018, 20:15

You’ll Be Shocked To Know Which Other ‘This Is Us’ Character Milo Ventimiglia Wants to Play

Milo Ventimiglia shines every week as Jack on 'This Is Us' but there is another beloved character the actor would love to play in the series.

14 марта 2018, 01:00

These ‘This Is Us’ Cast Members Have Watched Almost Every Episode Together

'This Is Us' has meant a lot to a ton of people, but these cast members, in particular, have bonded over some of the show's most emotional episodes

13 марта 2018, 20:19


DEMS ONCE THOUGHT IT COOL TO CALL OUT JOURNALISTS, EVEN THREATEN THEM: Truman was not at all shy about insulting journalists in private and in public.  He referred to columnist Westbrook Pegler as “a guttersnipe.”  He called Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson “gutter columnists” as well.  The Alsop brothers, Stewart and Joseph, he called the “All Slops.”  In private, […]

06 марта 2018, 06:00

Israeli Firm Can Now Hack Into Virtually Any Cellphone, Tablet

An Israeli firm claims it can now unlock virtually any phone or tablet on the market - including iPhones and Google Android devices, reports Forbes. Digital forensics firm Cellebrite - which helped the FBI crack iPhone used by the terrorist in the 2015 San Bernardino shooting, offers "Unlocking & Extraction Services" for several devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 5 through 11 - and Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, and other devices running the Google OS such as Alcatel, Nexus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, ZTE and more. The service costs as low as $1,500 per device.  Cellebrite, a Petah Tikva, Israel-based vendor that's become the U.S. government's company of choice when it comes to unlocking mobile devices, is this month telling customers its engineers currently have the ability to get around the security of devices running iOS 11 (right up to 11.2.6). That includes the iPhone X, a model that Forbes has learned was successfully raided for data by the Department for Homeland Security back in November 2017, most likely with Cellebrite technology. -Forbes Founded in 1999 with a headcount of around 500 employees, Cellebrite offers "Advanced Unlocking Services," and "Advanced Extraction Services" to law enforcement agencies through a network of "secure Cellebrite Forensic Labs (CBFLs) located around the world." In 2007 the firm was bought for $17.5 million by Japanese manufacturing giant Sun Corp.  “Cellebrite Advanced Unlocking Services is the industry’s only solution for overcoming many types of complex locks on market-leading devices. This can determine or disable the PIN, pattern, password screen locks or passcodes on the latest Apple iOS and Google Android devices,” reads a document published by the firm.  Their Advanced Extraction claims to be "the world's first and only decrypted physical extraction capability possible for leading Apple iOS and Google Android Services."  These new capabilities enable forensic practitioners to retrieve the full file system to recover downloaded emails, third-party application data, geolocation data and system logs, without needing to jailbreak or root the device. This eliminates any risk in compromising data integrity and the forensic soundness of the process. This enables access to more and richer digital data for the investigative team. -Cellebrite Once a "pre-qualified" phone or tablet is selected for unlocking, "the locked and/or encrypted device is sent by trusted courier or hand carried to one of our secure global Cellebrite Forensic Labs where trained specialists perform the unlocking and/or extraction service using carefully controlled  techniques that ensure the forensic integrity of the data," writes the company.  From there, it takes around 10 business days to process a device and deliver it back to the "originating agency," while all electronics are handled using "court-tested chain-of-custody procedures."  After Apple refused a 2015 FBI request to unlock an iPhone 5C belonging to San Bernardino shooter Rizwan Farook, who murdered 14 people in San Bernardino and injured 22, Cellebrite stepped in to crack the phone. Since then, the company has been engaged by several law enforcement agencies around the world - such as Australia's Immigration Department and the Great Barrier Reer Marine Park Authority.  And according to a Michigan warrant unearthed by Forbes, Cellebrite cracked an iPhone X owned by Abdulmajid Saidi - an arms trafficking suspect. Saidi's phone was nabbed as he was about to leave America for Beirut, Lebanon on November 20, sent to a Cellebrite specialist at the DHS Security Investigations Lab in Grand Rapids, after which data was extracted on December 5. Saidi's trial is set for July 31. From the warrant, it wasn't clear just how the police got into the iPhone X in the first place, nor does it reveal much about what data was inside. Back when the iPhone X was launched, some fears were raised about the possibility for investigators to simply lift the device to a suspect's face to unlock it via Apple's Face ID facial recognition. Researchers also claimed to have found ways to dupe the Face ID tech into unlocking with a mask. The DoJ prosecutor on the case declined to comment, whilst the DHS didn't respond to requests for comment. -Forbes “I’d be zero-percent surprised if Cellebrite had a zero-day [exploit] that allowed them to unlock iPhones with physical access,” Patrick Wardle, chief research officer at Digita Security, told cybersecurity news site Threatpost. “These guys clearly have the skills, and there is also a huge financial motivation to find such bugs.” In response to Cellebrite's claims, Apple has urged customers to upgrade to the latest version of iOS 11 - which contains several patches for several of the exploits potentially used by the Israeli firm.  Apple has said publicly a recent version of iOS 11.2 does address several serious vulnerabilities found by Google Project Zero. In December, Project Zero researcher Ian Beer published details of an “async_wake” exploit and proof-of-concept local kernel debugging tool for iOS 11.1.2. The vulnerability exploited two patched flaws in iOS 11.1.2 that made it possible to jailbreak iPhones running earlier versions of the OS. -Threatpost.com “Cellebrite’s techniques clearly pose privacy concerns for Apple customers, but there are also underlying issues around the private forensics contractors doing business with them,” said David Pearson, Principal Threat Researcher at Awake Security. “We’ve already seen what happens when governments weaponize undisclosed exploits and fail to protect them, such as Eternal Blue, Doublepulsar and other tools and exploits alleged to belong to the NSA. This iOS technique may bring more of the same, not to mention the added scrutiny of many security researchers and criminals alike being on the lookout for such information.”